The Internet is Becoming More Visually Driven
The Internet is Becoming More Visually Driven
The Internet is Becoming More Visually Driven

As we move intoThe last quarter of 2016, It is quite obvious from looking at all the Statistics around that The Internet and in Particular Online Shopping and Decision Process is Driven to a large extent by Video.
If you look at the Latest Figures from Youtube, Vimeo and the Largest Social Media Giants, you will see from the “Video Wars” between these Giants that Video is where it is going, together with The Close Connections that Images and Video has on Decision making process – YOU NEED TO ADD VIDEO to your marketing arsenal.
Too many business especially the smaller business were slow in the uptake into social media but that has changed today with most companies now engaging in Social media to some degree.
With Video though the change is moving at an exponential speed and smaller business in particular seem to be faltering in taking up the challenge.

Traditionally if you look ate the cost of producing good quality video, there is no doubt it has been a huge hinderance in the take up from smaller business. Although good quality content is important, it is just as important to have a good quality video that promotes your brand out in the marketplace.

We started offering our Template based video marketing some time ago and it has been a huge adbatage for companies who simply cannot afford the thousand dollar per minute custom video production.
Our packages mean you can have a very good quality advertising based video for your business at incredible fraction of those prices.

We added our Video SEO Services some few months ago and the take up has been astonishing. The fact remains – if a searcher is able to see a Video on the First 2 Pages of Their Google/ Yahoo/ Bing search , it is going to make a massive difference to new Prospects coming to their site , contacting them or even ringing them straight away for more information.

Check Out The Custom Services that we offer Our Video Customers to enhance their Online Presence through Video. Click Here For Full Video Gallery

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